Operation Underground Railroad

Curves N Combat Boots was born in 2017 when veteran couple, Elijah and Sarah Maine, had a dream: empower every body, in and out of uniform. What started as a company with no employees and no warehouse (just a house house) - quickly grew into a thriving community that is hundreds of thousands strongs.

Covid-19 Relief Efforts

As COVID-19 spread globally in 2020, we decided we wanted to give back as much as we could. We started by bringing food to local hospitals to the workers who have been working non-stop. We went to Police Departments and Fire Departments offering them free energy drinks to help with their 20 hour shifts. But what made the biggest impact is the 20,000 custom fabricated washable/re-usable masks we included for FREE. With the help of our team, we distributed thousands of masks to our customers nationwide.

Kirstie Ennis Foundation

This foundation was founded by Marine Veteran and amputee, Kirstie Ennis. CNC teamed up with Kirstie to create the first pair of amputee leggings for left/right leg, above/below the knee. 100% of the proceeds from these leggings go towards the foundation. Kirstie also climbs for causes and CNC has donated over $10,000 towards the foundation and her climbs. Her foundations mission is to financially support deserving nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to improving the quality of life of others. They strive to provide education, opportunity, and healing in the outdoors.

Fit-Ops Foundation

Fit-Ops was founded by Army Veteran Matt Hesse on the belief that fitness is transformative to every aspect of our lives.

We don't believe that any service member starts from scratch professionally when they enter civilian life. FitOps is specifically designed to build on the fitness and leadership experience that veterans gained during their time in the service. The result is Certified Veteran Fitness Operatives (CVFOs) who guide themselves and their clients on a path toward being their personal best β€” in fitness and in life. CNC not only donates apparel to the women going through FitOps training, but we have also donated over $20,000 to date to the foundation.

R.E.D. "Friday" Leggings

These leggings are just a basic RED color legging. But in the military community, the word RED stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. We wear the color RED on Fridays to remember those who are away from us and cannot be home with their families and friends. A portion of the proceeds from these leggings are put towards sending care packages overseas to deployed troops. We have sent over 500 care packages to date.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Our Pink Leggings/Sports bras are released during breast cancer awareness month every year. A portion of the proceeds have been donated to the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation and have been donated to families of breast cancer survivors! We have donated over $10,000 to date to foundations and families combined.

Blue Line/Red Line

We have created a pair of leggings and sports bras that have a blue stripe and a red stripe that signifies fallen Law Enforcement Officers(LEOs), and Fire Fighters in the line of duty. We take a portion of the proceeds and donate to families of the fallen. To date, we have donated to over a dozen families both local, and nationwide.


Team R.W.B. (Red, White, & Blue) is a registered 501c3 nonprofit that focuses on enriching veteran's lives by offering real-life and virtual opportunities focused on building healthier lifestyles. That's what CNC is all about β€” we have donated over $10,000 to date and have a VERY special leggings collaboration in the works!