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Join The CNC Ambassador Team

Here at Curves N' Combatboots we are not just a team, we're a family! We take pride in having the best community of like-minded individuals to match our amazing apparel!

*IMPORTANT: You MUST have a public and active TikTok or IG to be considered into the program. We will not be reviewing any applications that do not have one or the other.

Our Promise

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VIP access to product launches

Gain early access and exclusive behind the scenes to new arrivals prior to launch.

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An exclusive 20% personal discount, a custom 15% code for your followers, and a chance to earn commission!

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Exclusive member surprises & benefits

Access to private social groups, news on meet ups, and more!

The Ambassador Standard

All ambassadors that are part of the CNC team are held to a standard. That standard is defined by our company Core Values. In order to become/remain an ambassador, you must live up to and embody our Core Values.

Our Core Values

How It Works



Complete your application and you will be notified via e-mail if accepted



Integrate CNC into your everyday wear and promote the lifestyle on your social media (IG, TikTok, etc.)



Invest into the family by connecting with other CNC brand ambassadors around the USA!

Frequently Asked Questions

We require that you be 18 years old or older.
Absolutely not! We have ambassadors with 500 followers, with the average follower count being 1000-3000. While a larger social media presence helps you as an individual to reach more people, it has no effect on whether you are chosen or not. However, you do need to have an active IG/Tiktok account and actively upload videos/reels.
You will receive a welcome email from our Culture Coordinator. If you do not receive an email, please know that we reviewed your application, but you were not selected at the present time. We encourage you to re-apply when applications are open!
Absolutely not, the only thing that you will ever purchase is your own apparel. There are no fees/minimum purchase amounts required.
NO! Our community is very diverse and includes individuals of every profession.
You must have a public account on IG and/or Tiktok to be eligible to be selected as an ambassador. We want to be able to see what you’re all about!
We accept applications at random frequency, but your best bet is to apply when we have our annual Ambassador search.
Absolutely not! We have an amazing, diverse group!
You can apply as many times as you would like but we suggest apply during our annual ambassador search!
At this time we are only accepting female applicants.


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