Kayla Doescher

  • Occupation: NICU Nurse

  • IG Name: @clarikay

  • Date Joined Curves: July 2018

Why did you join Curves?

When I joined Curves, I wanted to show that women can be powerful in their own right. As a mother, a military member, and a nurse, I know what it is to provide, to sacrifice, to struggle, to fail and to succeed; I know what it means to break gender norms and how it feels to be passed over despite your achievements and accomplishments. I also know what it is when you have POWERFUL women at your back to support you, and launch you into greater success in life, in love, and in career. I wanted to show other women that they could be strong in WHATEVER they do, and that to struggle is normal—but that we can still overcome our demons and our struggles, and be an inspiration to others through our victories.


I’m a jack of all trades in the art industry and a master of none. I love spending copious amounts of time in the gym and climbing indoors and out!

Something interesting about myself:

I used to coach swim team and still love to get in the water!

Favorite Products:

- My favorite things from Curves are the tried and true V1 leggings.
- I also absolutely adore my Black shimmer Leggings! The waistband is so wonderful and makes me feel comfortable and feminine without having to keep adjusting it all day long. The V1s always stay put and the pockets NEVER disappoint.

Kayla's Picks

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