Haley Lale

  • Occupation: CNC Customer Service

  • IG Name: @Haleylale

  • Date Joined Curves: December 2019

Why did you join Curves?

My favorite part about working for CNC is the great environment. For the first time in my life I enjoy coming to work each day. I feel appreciated and genuinely can see the difference I make within the company. I also love the community that comes with it, all the ladies I’ve met and opportunities I’ve had. I’m so grateful to be a part of the Curves family! I am our Curves Customer Service Representative, so I respond to all of the emails, facebook messages/comments, and our instagram apparel page comments.


I love going the the gym, the beach whenever I can, concerts, modeling and doing makeup

Something interesting about myself:

I am left handed, also I currently have 13 tattoos and counting

Favorite Products:

Seamless booty scrunch leggings, Seamless crop tops, Berry leggings without pockets, Joggers, Crop hoodies, and our booty bands!

Haley's Picks

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