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Erica L. Asauskas

  • Occupation: CNC Care Package Coordinator/Certified Personal Trainer

  • IG Name: @Just_Airwrecka

  • Date Joined Curves: November 7, 2017

Why did you join Curves?

Aside from the amazing leggings (obvi!), my favorite thing by far is the community. Being a part of Curves has brought me life long friends. Friends who support, empower, and push one another on the daily. Friends that are willing to drive out of state just to your birthday dinner. Friends that will randomly call you to check up on you. Friends that are literally across the country, yet you feel like you have known them your whole life. That friendship and bound could not have been made without being a part of my Curves Family.


Anything with my doggo (Vinnie), jiu jitsu, hiking, photography, finding bomb coffee shops, and adventures with my friends

Something interesting about myself:

To be honest, Iā€™m just a normal chick. A few random things about me: my personal training business focuses on physical and mental health going hand in hand. I am the definition of a foodie; I disgust most people that see me eat (no shame in my game!). I have always been a tomboy growing up and to this day, I have a much more masculine personality and style for the most part. I hope to travel the world and see as much as I can in this lifetime of mine :)

Favorite Products:

My favorite products are the leggings (surprise surprise).  But honestly, that's the truth.  I own a personal training business that usually starts my day around 4:00 am.  Straight from training my clients, I will make my way to the gym I like to work out of to train myself to include that cardio life.  From there, if I need to run a few quick errands, and if I am in a time crunch, I go straight from there to my jiu jitsu academy.  I have literally worn my leggings from 0400 to 2200 without any problems of staying up on my waist, staying squat proof, and being able to juggle a million things (literally - with the bomb pockets and figuratively: using my leggings for essentially everything and anything).  Whether I am working, hiking, training in the gym or my jiu jitsu, social gatherings, any type of adventures, *insert any activity ever known to man*, my Curves leggings got me.  

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