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Concealed Carry Leggings w/ Pockets - Holographic Rain

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Introducing our highly anticipated CC(Concealed Carry) leggings! Now in our HOLOGAPHIC Raindrop fabric. Our Holographic fabric GLOWS when a flashlight, camera flash, or the sun hits it. Not only can you carry to protect yourself in these leggings, but they can also help you stay more visible when out in the dark. 

These are made from our soft yet compressive Empowered fabric which is "Made to Move".  These will hold your carry close and tight to your body so you never have to worry about it flopping around.

These leggings are EXTREMELY COMPRESSIVE in the waistband. Compression does not interfere with retrieval.  This is a must to ensure your carry is secured when moving/running. Once the legging is on, it's perfect. But getting them on, the waistband is extremely compressive. If you do not like a snug fit in the waist, SIZE UP!

- Concealed Carry Ambidextrous design: There are holster positions on both sides, front and back! This design allows you to securely carry all your belongings close to you as well as a self defense tool for your security. 

- Side pockets: to carry your extra personal belongings (big enough for a large cellphone)

Fabric: Empowered - 73% Polyester, 27% Spandex blend (4-way stretch, moisture wicking, medium compression)

Fit: True to Size for a concealed carry legging. **If you have not worn a concealed carry legging before, the waistband is much tighter and more compressive than normal leggings in order to keep your weapon secure. If you will be uncomfortable with a tighter fit in the waist, you may want to size up. 


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